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Working Papers

Promoting the Centralized Approval Rights and Breaking the Barriers of Isomorphic Responsibility: Local Exploration of the “Administrative Experience and Approval Authority” Reform Mode(No.42, 2016)


The mode of "Administrative Examination and Approval Authority" is a useful attempt to promote the centralized approval rights and deepen the reform of China’s administrative approval system.

The Factor of Human Capital in US Rising (Special Issue, No 8, 2016)


Since its foundation, the US followed a path evolving from size expansion to quality elevation.

The Rise and Fall of the Portuguese Empire Observed from the Human Capital Angle(Special Issue, No 9, 2016)


Human capital played a crucial and unique role in the rise and fall of Portugal between the 15th and 16th centuries.

Analysis on the Human Capital Factor in the Rise of Holland (Special Issue, No 10, 2016)


Despite a small area and resource shortages, Holland rapidly surged into the top maritime overlord and became the financial center of Europe, this was mainly due tothe crucial impetus resulting from human capital factor.

Study on Human Capital in the Rise and Fall of Spain(Special Issue, No 11, 2016)


Spain boasted second to none among European countries during the 15th and 16th centuries in overall national strength, but remained prosperous for merely a short time.

The Conundrum of Human Capital under the “Resource Curse”: An Analysis of the Role of Human Capital for the Rising of Brazil(Special Issue, No 12, 2016)


Brazil ushered in its golden age of development for a decade in the new era. The rapidly expanding economy has enabled Brazil to exert a significant influence on South America and the globe at large.

Challenges Brought by Aging Population on the Rise of Big Powers and Relevant Countermeasures(Special Issue No.13, 2016)


China is facing the challenge of rapid population aging. Traditional industrialization and urbanization supported by cheap labor is no longer sustainable.

Human CapitalAnalysis on China’s Movement towards a Strong Manufacturing Country(Special Issue No.14, 2016)


To be a powerful nation in the world, China must change from a big manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country.